GEM: Maximizing the value in mining

We can help you to optimize and assure the value of your operation or project. We are the leading consulting enterprise for the mining industry
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Our foundations:


We develop numerical models for supporting the needs of our clients.

Company Training:

We offer training experiences directed to the mining industry for spreading knowledge in new methodologies and techniques. Specifically, our courses are aimed to the areas of geology, metallurgy, mine planning, economics, project evaluation and finance.


Our projects take into account the characteristics of the mining market and consider in their execution a consolidated economical basis. Our focus is to provide robust and unbiased information to our clients regarding future market scenarios.


We are a referent for the industry in terms of the development of strategical solutions. We specialize in a diversity of mining topics and our objective is to give support to our clients for letting them reach their maximum potential value.


Our economical evaluations make it possible to add value to the analysis for enhancing the decision making of our clients. We use novel methodologies for capturing the value of projects that are not traceable through traditional techniques.


We provide our clients with deterministic and stochastic optimization models with special focus in the areas of geology, maintenance, and operations.

Our areas of evaluation, economics, strategy and optimization have made it possible for our clients to increment between

5% and a 100% of the value of their decisions.

«Our areas of analytica, training and strategy have made it possible for our clients

to capture the maximum possible value in their decisions.”


The rules of the game have changed

The predictive algorithms developed by GEM will give you competitive advantages for positioning you in the lead place of the market.

Deepmine App Functions

DeepMine counts with the most advanced engine of the market. Additionally, it has a powerful visualization system capable of generating flexible and robust mine plans that respond to economic uncertainty scenarios. DeepMine is an important upgrade regarding other strategic mine planning softwares in the market.